Core Team

Our Core Team of

Fouriox is a team of experienced yougn and dynamic professionals from various finacial arenas. Our board members are highly experienced in their walk of life. They come with experience in Investment banking, Forex Trading, Spot Trading, Venture capital and governance. They have thrie experience with various Hedge funds and VC where they have shown great result through their skills and passion. The team is a combination of experienced forex traders, new generation financial enthusiast, Technology geeks and IT experts having huge experience in automation system design and robotics.

Fouriox has a Goal to enable people from across the globe to get benefited from Forex Trading. Fouriox has a mission to be the best in industry by constantly evaluating and upgrading itself with futuristic technologies, adapting the new market trends, educating our patrons to aquire a skillset for life and become financially independent in this ever changing world.We are committed to deliver a flawlwss customer service experience and hand holding support to our investors and affilaiates. We believe in complete transparency in fund raising activities conducted in a secure environment. We are fore runners in corporate ethos and values and believe in providing equal opportunity to all.