How Trading Works?

How Trading Works?

Allocation Method

Fouriox ACCOUNT SERVICE allows Fund Managers to trade with the funds of multiple Fouriox Investor Accounts for a pre-agreed Performance Fee (%). Profits and losses made on the Fouriox Manager's Account are automatically allocated to each Investor's Account based on the amount they invested.

Here's an example to see the Profit/Loss Allocation method in action:

The funds of the Fouriox Manager and Investors are all invested in the Manager's account. The amount of equity they invest determines their share of the overall investment, which results in their potential share of any profit/loss.

Distribution of Profit/Loss

When positions on the Fouriox Manager account are closed and the account balance increases, so when a Manager is profitable, the profits will be split among all Investors in the account based on their contribution.

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  • Intiate Your Deposite
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  • Request for Withdrwals or Deposites
  • Receive Your Share of Profit

How Fouriox works?